some oral/poster presentations at international conferences


  1. Scalable Counterfactual Distribution Estimation in Multivariate Causal Models
    Pham, ThongShimizu, ShoheiHino, Hideitsu, and Le, Tam
    Third Conference on Causal Learning and Reasoning, Los Angeles, US, Apr 2024


  1. Estimating Preferential Attachment in Growing Networks (invited talk)
    Pham, Thong
    International Symposium on New Developments of Theories and Methodologies for Large Complex Data, Tsukuba, Japan, Nov 2021


  1. Multinomial Matrix Factorization: Joint Inference of Attachment Function and Node Fitnesses in Dynamic Networks
    Pham, Thong
    Social Influence in Networks, Satellite of NetSci 2017, Indianapolis, US, Jun 2017


  1. The Attribution Problem in Complex Networks: Untangling the Roles of Talent and Experience in Growing Networks via the Joint Estimation of Fitness and Preferential Attachment
    Pham, Thong
    Conference on Complex Systems 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sep 2016


  1. mcPAFit: Nonparametric Measurement of Preferential Attachment and Fitness from a Single Network Snapshot
    Pham, Thong
    Conference on Complex Systems 2016, Arizona, US, Sep 2015


  1. Nonparametric Estimation of the Preferential Attachment Function in Complex Networks: Evidence of Deviations from Log Linearity
    Pham, Thong
    European Conference on Complex Systems 2014, Lucca, Italy, Sep 2014