Thong Pham

Shiga University. Hikone, Japan.


Room 317

Data Science Building

Shiga University

Shiga, Japan

I am an assistant professor at Data Science and AI Innovation Research Promotion Center, Shiga University. Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN AIP. Before that, I received my PhD in Statistics from Shimodaira Laboratory at Osaka University. My research interests include network science, computational statistics, and machine learning.


Apr 1, 2022 I moved to Shiga University as an assistant professor.
Jan 24, 2022 The website is back online with a new theme.


2019 - 2021 JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists 19K20231
2016 - 2018 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists 16J03918

selected publications

  1. Non-parametric Estimation of the Preferential Attachment Function from One Network Snapshot
    Journal of Complex Networks, Sep 2021
  2. PAFit: An R Package for the Non-Parametric Estimation of Preferential Attachment and Node Fitness in Temporal Complex Networks
    Journal of Statistical Software, Feb 2020
  3. Joint Estimation of Preferential Attachment and Node Fitness in Growing Complex Networks
    Scientific Reports, Sep 2016
  4. PAFit: A Statistical Method for Measuring Preferential Attachment in Temporal Complex Networks
    PLOS ONE, Sep 2015